Hi, I’m Will Fleury, a Data Engineer, Data Architect and Machine Learning practitioner. I am originally from Ireland but have lived in various countries from Saigon, Vietnam to Barcelona, Spain where I am currently. On this site I attempt to document interesting projects and ideas from my professional journey, in an attempt to organise my own thoughts and catalogue my journey.

I enjoy clear thinking and building scalable analytics architectures which enable the opening of new and exciting user experiences. My academic background is heavily engineering focused. However, I enjoy both the practical and theoretical aspects of problem solving. My PhD was in Decision Theory with applications primarily in Operations Research and Finance.

I am lucky to have had the opportunity to work on a range of interesting problems with interesting companies. I have overseen the design and implementation of data platforms at the 1B+ user scale (see the following blog series for more details). I have served a range of other roles over the years and even tried my hand as a founder in a couple of startups. See my LinkedIn Profile for more information.